DrTenant uses psychometric testing, helping landlords avoid "tenants from hell"

DrTenant.com is a SaaS platform designed to predict tenants’ unwanted behavior, through proven risk assessment, based on contemporary HR practice.


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DrTenant key findings among 200+ landlords/rentiers:


Consider tenants’ behaviour as one of the key factors in decision-making when choosing the appropriate tenant.


Would lower the rent by 5–10% in order to get a perfect tenant with the appropriate behaviour, on a long-term basis.


Would like to use solutions of any kind that can predict unwanted tenants’ behaviour!

A surprising way to save for your future

To highlight tenants’ genuine behaviour screening in the real estate market worth BN1.800 $ by using and adapting models of psychometric testing, widely used and tested in recruitment and applied psychology.

The perfect insurance for mobile generation

DrTenant is using 2 simple questionnaires (18 and 7 claims), that can be filled in 1 min/20 sec. DrTenant is completely anonymous for tenants and landlords, and it does not require personal contacts in the initial screening.

just 4 easy steps

Get the right tenant and be worry free

Sort your candidates by your own preferences, eliminate non-recommended ones

Create an Account

In a few easy steps, create your own account and start screening!

Setup your property ID

One, two, or three thousand rental properties? No worries, it’s simple as pie!

Share your unique ID

Share your property(s) via a direct link (on letting sites), or a QR code for a quick scan… 

Get Covered

Once collected, select your ideal tenant, and invite them for a follow-up test at the property (only 20 sec)!

Our knowledge, methodology and accuracy

A comprehensive automation platform for businesses of all sizes. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to a streamlined vetting strategy. Let technology do the heavy lifting.

Benefits for Landlords

With intuitive features and a user-friendly interface, our software is designed to make your daily workflow more efficient and effective.

Founders Team

Renata Preglej Garić

Renata Preglej Garić

Co-founder & CEO

Grgomir Garić

Grgomir Garić

Co-founder & director

Luka Modrić

Luka Modrić

Chief science officer

Dom O'Bagaric

Dom O'Bagaric

Co-founder & tech

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